I feel like, I’ve been holding on to the girl that was supposed to die here with her parents. The girl who had a normal life, and didn’t fall in love with vampires.

Summary of Pretty Little Liars’ Accusations of ‘A’ Through the Seasons

Season 1: He is ‘A’.
Season 2: It is ‘A’.
Season 3: She is ‘A’.
Season 4: They are ‘A’.
Season 5: You are ‘A’.
Season 6: I am ‘A’.
Season 7: We are ‘A’.
"What's the header of ClassyMarin's picture on Twitter? Can you find it for me? Thank you! Let me know when you find it!"

I don’t have twitter so I don’t know how ClassyMarin’s pic look on twitter. Can you give me a link to the twitter page you’re talking about?

Souls Like the Wheels

The Avett Brothers - The Second Gleam

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It will draw them here. Like a beacon. 


ARROW Meme | Characters [2/8] Sara Lance

"I spent six years in the darkness and I looked into the eyes of the devil…
and I gave him my soul.


it’s like. u think u find a cool guy who isn’t like the others and will actually care about u/not manipulate u but 99 times outta 100 he still turns out to be a rude ass fuck boy in the end no matter what

I’ve sorta learned that I’m so tired of taking myself so seriously. It’s so great to show up at work and truly enjoy every word you say.