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I follow your Facebook page, and it didn’t even register that you were a tumblr blog until I actually clicked the link.. But I’m glad I found you, I love the awkward moments

Which facebook page of mine? I co-run only one facebook page but it’s not about PLL. I’m glad you found me somehow, too. That was cute. (:

"I consider myself so blessed to have these wonderful opportunities! When you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work."


I’m so happy i reached 2,500 followers, it means so much and the fact that I’ve been on this blog for 2 years. WOW. It changed my life.it really has, I’ve met so many people that change my life. <3 Thank you guys so much, I love you all. Thanks for making my dash amazing!


KAI: Omfg you are my bestfriend! I love you so much, you mean the world to me. You were there when I thought I had no one thank you. One day we will meet I promise you that!. Thank you for everything. I love youuu, Btw you are the Ezria/ Aria/ Ezra/ Lucy/ Ian queen and no one can take that place!!!. I will always be there for you! PROMISE. Keep being you and you could go far in this world. I love you, hope you are enjoying your vacation!!!  <3 btw thankd for the edittt! {hannily feeesllls} #catkortkaiot3

AALIYAH: You are my twinn, I know we hardly talk, but Im here if you need anyone, I miss talking to you. I hope everything is going well with you! thanks for being there for me. btw  soon idk when tho it will be 2 years

CAT: i miss talking to you!!!!, I miss our late night talksss, and the fact that this thanksgiving will be 2 years since we met. :O omfg, But if you need anyone im here i promise, btw i love you! message meee. #catkortkaiot3

MEAGAN: We havent talked in the lonnngeesssttt time, but we should start talking again!

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Congrats on having 2,5K followers. ;) And thanks so much for adding me to your follow forever list. ❤❤❤

"The awkward moment when I didn't know you were a tumblr blog.. *facepalm*"

You didn’t know that my tumblr ever existed? Or you saw my username somewhere else before but you weren’t aware of the fact that it was a tumblr blog?

"this is the fandom blog I just started :) ❤ haha"

Oh, that’s good for you, then ;) I’m going to check it out. (:

↪ Alison & Hanna in March of Crimes (05x09)